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Posted on 16 August 2016


It seems like forever ago that I was collecting imagery to create the mood for our debut range. The ones below are some of my favourites and include the original artwork of the Spring Bloom Print.


belinda humphrey


I wanted the light and optimistic mood to flow right through to the photoshoot.


belinda humphrey


Photoshoots are exciting but loooong days where preparation goes a long way...I added water to this list....super important!


belinda humphrey


Up close you can see the exquisite detail in the fabric of the Victorian blouse. I love that some little appliques aren't completely stitched down as it adds such a romantic softness.


belinda humphrey

It's always in the details, better to spend your time re-adjusting than editing post-production. I'm so thankful to have had such an amazing team on this shoot!


Belinda Humphrey


Model: Jemma Searle (Giant Management)
Hair and Make-up: Emma Roberts
Photographer: Tracey Lee Hayes

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