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Are you stuck in the development phase and not sure how to pull all of your ideas together? 

Then a 1:1 range review could be for you. These are a common checkpoint within designing, particularly if you work for someone else and it's where you get to talk about your ideas for the collection, fabrication, styling etc to get feedback from the team. In my 20 years experience I have been on both sides of this process, both having to present my collection/range to management for feedback and giving feedback to other colleagues. 

But what do you do if you are the team or your team is small? Or if you keep going around in circles coming up with the same observations? I can be that person for you. Someone you can feel safe discussing random and often unformed ideas with, someone who can listen non-judgmentally with the same goal of making the range better. 

Get constructive, personalised feedback and an alternative viewpoint so that you feel confident in progressing to the next step of development.



You are stuck in the "messy middle" (fabric, print outs and ideas everywhere) and need help fine tuning and consolidating ideas.

You feel like you have been working in a bubble and need an outsiders perspective.

You have a niggling feeling something is off with your product range but can't nut out what it is.

You have received your first round of samples for the collection and need help editing/problem solving to keep sampling cost down.



After booking you will be emailed a link within 48 hours to choose a time. 

You will also receive a brief questionnaire to complete. This is to give me a good grasp on how best to help and prepare information for our session and you can either send me the images of your range or collection prior or share your screen in the session. I want you to leave feeling inspired, unstuck and confident in your range progressing to the next stage. 

Our session is conducted via zoom and can be recorded if you like. All information shared is kept confidential.



Do I need fancy fashion sketches/illustrations?

No, they can just be hand drawn ideas with references such as images or fabric swatches.

What Product areas is this for?

This is for womens, mens and childrens casual apparel.

What Products don't you cover?

Sportswear, Footwear or Accessories 

Did you know in a 2021 study from Yale, they reported that 1 hour of video conferencing emits up to 1 kg of Carbon dioxide?  For all coaching calls, 1 tree will be planted through Carbon Positive Australia to make our session carbon positive.