20 years of working with leading retailers and starting my own label taught me a few things...

As a fashion designer, I had the privilege of creating product lines for some of the world’s most popular brands, like Ben Sherman, Blue Illusion, Bardot and Target. 

Here’s a snapshot of what I achieved during my time with these amazing retailers:

I designed and managed hundreds of styles each season

Approved samples from proto to production

Collaborated with marketing departments to align on key product messages

Went on successful buying trips overseas

Identified product opportunities and scaled them to multi-million dollar categories

Implemented dozens of workflow improvements, like introducing new colour palette processes

Identified trends that saved businesses thousand of dollars and sped up lead times

Nurtured supportive relationships with stakeholders around the world in key locations, including China, Turkey, India and Thailand, to name a few

Negotiated costs with suppliers, and much, much more.

I did it all – and was so shocked with how unsustainable the industry has become. I even shut down my own label. Why? I wanted to use premium, beautiful fabrics and do small runs to limit capital investment, but I couldn’t scale that model without a huge injection of money. It didn’t feel right and I loved keeping things intimate by connecting with my customers at design markets (which were always successful for me).

It’s why I’m here – to challenge the status quo in fashion and make it more holistic in the way it works. I want you to feel empowered with the right knowledge so you can start or continue your sustainable business journey beyond our time working together.

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It’s time to embrace circular fashion design

I strongly believe in cultivating a circular economy, which is a way of designing out pollution and waste from the fashion industry. Let’s keep products and materials in use for as long as we can – either reusing or recycling – so we can do better by our customers and the planet.

We currently live in a ‘take-make-waste’ system, but what I and many other fashion designers and brands are working towards in a circular economy model is to redefine growth completely to focus on all the positive benefits this model can offer society as a whole. 

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Whether you need a template for your costings, or a freelance fashion designer to bring your ideas to life, or someone to coach you through the tough stuff – I’m here for you.

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